Bathtub Restoration in the Old Way

What you might refer to as “accidental bath refinishers” is what we are. We durabath started our business in 2017 with my business partner France. Just an average guy seeking for job, that’s all I was. When France was out walking her dog Pedro, I ran into her that day. She was a salesperson for a company that provided durabath refinishing services. They needed a replacement immediately because they had lost one of their bath finishers. Although I had few options at the time, I applied even though I had no idea what a bath refinisher was, and I was hired.I learned how to update antique baths by priming the surface and applying professional bath paint after roughly two months of intensive training. I developed an obsession with finding out as much as I could about restoring them.I spent much of my time working on tubs that many clients had neglected and looked ancient. On other occasions, I had to fix bathtubs that homeowners had finished with subpar Durabath bath refinishing kits.I began to become ill from the paint fumes after a few months. Full-face protection was worn by me, but it was ineffective. My lungs would become congested, and I would struggle to breathe.For the past five years, we have continued to serve more consumers and remain active. The level of service we offer to our clients has allowed us to do this.We have finished over 2000 baths, shower trays, and sinks, and the road has been extremely difficult.We’ve worked with a lot of fantastic residential and commercial companies along the way.You can view our Businesses page to find out which ones, if you’re curious.We are incredibly appreciative to be running this company and working with such wonderful clients.Durabath Products and Services’ moniker was created in France.

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