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Our company was founded by a group of engineers specializing in the fields of static control, material handling, automation, testing, and chemicals. We’re happy to have been an industry resource since the early 2010s. Here at mostori, we’ve made it our mission to constantly provide first-rate goods at rock-bottom prices. Mostori has always valued its ties with its clients and strived to be accessible from its inception. When you purchase a device from Mostori, you’re not just receiving a piece of hardware; you’re getting dedicated, personalized assistance from the time you make your first phone contact. Our sales staff is not motivated by commission, so you can be certain that you will get the same level of service regardless of the size of your purchase.When it comes to discharging insulators and isolated conductors, ionization is one of the most effective processes. Therefore, ionization is crucial for suppressing ESD.Using regular compressed air to attempt to blast away contaminants and aesthetic flaws will just charge up the surface, attracting the particles back. By neutralizing the surface, which is what ionized compressed air does, this problem may be avoided.Provide greater performance and longer product life by protecting batteries from damage caused by stress, moisture, and temperature extremes.

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